Thursday, November 1, 2012

No More Shuffle While I Shuffle Down the Road

I have taken up exercise. Yes, you heard right, this poster child for the sedentary suburban lifestyle has gotten off her couch and started to run down the street like there's something chasing her.

My dog looks confused. "What's up with the ugly shoes, Mama?"

At first I made a playlist of energetic, catchy songs to keep me going, but soon that playlist became repetitive and I lost interest.  My new approach is something I highly recommend to anyone who loves music and has a big music collection. Load an album you haven't listened to in a while, or a new album, and listen to it front to back, old style. I've been doing this for a couple of weeks and not only has it kept me engaged during my work-outs, but I've rediscovered some wonderful songs that have languished, unsynced for sometimes years.

Today I'm not feeling great so I just took a leisurely hour-long walk and listened to Jamey Johnson's Guitar Song. Have you heard "Cover Your Eyes?"
Click on the link for a video. You can forward 44seconds through Jay Leno to the song.
 Johnson can make a happily married woman feel like she's in the middle of heartbreak.

Another album I enjoyed jogging to is Miranda Lambert's Revolution. The song that stuck in my mind after that run was "Airstream Song". Nothing like a song about escape and adventure to keep you moving when you're running around the burbs. I couldn't find a decent recording of her singing it live, so here's a fan-made video. Hope you can skip the ad. I could.

The best album I've ran to lately was Metallica's Black Album. If you haven't listened to that one front to back lately, it's a masterpiece. The worst album, and I forced myself to listen to the entire darn thing, is Jason Aldean's new Night Train. In general, I like Jason Aldean. Night Train is just outright boring, but I'll save that for another post.

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